Common Mistakes in Writing an Essay on Art

Writing an essay on art can be challenging. This is because art is a subjective form of creation that sometimes confronts definition and at the same time avoids firmness. An art essay, however, requires you to be able to relate the subjective qualities and the objective qualities of the work. You can’t simply declare a piece of art is beautiful or fantastic without stating the reason. Considering this, it is not surprising that many students find it difficult to complete an art essay. Learning some mistakes many art students make below can help you write a good art essay.
Trying Hard to Guess the Exact Purpose of an Art

The main mistake many art students make is trying hard to state the exact purpose of an art. Such a thing is, of course, impossible to do. For instance, how it is possible to find the exact reason why Leonardo da Vinci created the famous painting Mona Lisa! You can read many books about the Mona Lisa and you will end up in confusion. A book will talk about different things from the other. Avoid this thing. An art essay expects you to state what you think the artist was attempting to say with the piece of art.
Trying to be a Professional Art Critic

In writing an essay on art, it is not necessary for you to try to be a professional critic on art. You are not composing a book about a piece of art. So, it is sufficient for you to deliver what you know and what you feel as you see the work. For example, you can simply write what you think from staring at the Mona Lisa, the woman portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci, in your essay. You do not need to provide the accurate facts about the woman. Write your impression instead. It will be better for you to present your essay as your creative work.

Stating Subjective Thesis Statement

Even though it is true that art is subjective. But it does not mean that you are allowed to state subjective thesis statement without relating the subjective qualities to the objective qualities of the work you talk about in your essay. Do not simply write, for example, the Massacre of the Innocents by Rubens makes me cry. An example of a thesis statement on the work would be “Rubens’s Massacre of the Innocents tells in certain situations men can kill each other.” In order to strengthen your thesis statement and convince your reader, you should provide necessary arguments.
Lacking of Structure

Just like writing an essay on other topics, an art essay requires you to make a structure. Such an essay needs an introduction, a body and an end. Many students just write what come first to their mind. If you do this, you will make the reader confused. You may state a point several times. In order to avoid this mistake, you will like to make an outline before you start writing your essay.